Crushed Aggregate Roadbase - Done!

Underdrains - Done!

Geomembrane Liner – Done!

Suitable fill material – Done!

Neutralized Clay Plug – Done!

Asphalt, asphalt and more asphalt! 6,250 tons or 12,500,000 pounds so far!

Full production asphalt paving started on Tuesday utilizing the Echelon method. This method removes half of the longitudinal joints in the asphalt mat. These joints are typically susceptible to cracking and require additional maintenance. Removing these joints, will limit the maintenance of the asphalt surface and extend it's longevity.

In addition, each asphalt paver receives asphalt mix from a separate plant. The asphalt mix design is continually tested and if a correction needs to be made, it can be traced to the original source. Click here to watch The Echelon Method in use at SGU.

Electricians continue the quick pace of installing PVC conduits in the electrical ducts along the runway. To date 17,300 linear feet of electrical duct banks are complete or 75% of the total. Crews will also start installing the runway lights about 200 in all.

Excavation crews are on-site clearing drainage ditches along the runway, finish-grading adjacent surfaces, and attacking the punchlist of tasks needing completion before September 26.

We caught up with Rich Stehmeier, Airport Manager, to see what's been happening at the terminal during construction. Click here to see this interview.

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