A fight broke out at Vive Adolescent Care in St. George on the evening of April 28 with over a dozen police vehicles on the scene to put a stop to the altercation. 

According to Public Information Officer Tiffany Mitchell from the St. George Police Department, a group of minors started a conflict and staff members tried to take care of the situation before it could escalate.

Danielle Squires, the executive administrator at Vive Adolescent Care, clarified the number of people involved in the conflict.

three minors and three staff members were involved in the altercation, and a nurse on the scene called the police as the situation continued. Fortunately, no one was injured enough to be transported to St. George Regional Hospital, but a staff member reportedly said he would take legal action against one of the minors involved. 

Officer Mitchell said, “It was kind of chaotic and a little bit stressful there for a minute, but it looked like they were going about their business when they had some kids that decided to start a fight. We didn’t end up transporting anyone, and medical did respond to check some people out but nobody was transported.” 

According to Squires, some of the staff transported themselves to St. George Regional Hospital at the request of the other staff at the facility and are expected to return to work very soon.

According to Officer Mitchell, the staff at Vive Adolescent Care usually handle these types of conflicts without involving the police, but the fight got to the point where someone at the scene decided to contact the authorities. 

Squires was grateful for the rapid police response but added that the situation was under control once police arrived on the scene.

Again, no arrests were made, and no one was transported to the hospital, but a staff member will take legal action against one of the minors involved in the situation.  

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