A man who’s known for causing trouble in Washington City was arrested on December 18 for breaking into a home and starting multiple small fires.

The home itself is believed to be valued around $8 million, with the couple who own the house noticing a home intruder in the evening while standing in the driveway.

The man who was arrested was identified as 38-year-old Brady Seward, who had drawn police attention earlier that day at a local park.

Seward broke into the home carrying a bag of drug-related paraphernalia including a glass pipe with burnt residue showing recent use, an empty jar used for storing marijuana, and rolling paper meant for making joints of marijuana.

The possibly intoxicated Seward set fire to a small pantry room by taking fake flowers and cardboard boxes and setting them on fire.

Luckily, the fires did not cause much damage to the expensive home as Seward was shortly apprehended by Washington City police, and the fires were extinguished.

As Seward was being taken into custody, the detained man reportedly told officers that he was the son of God, and that all police were now damned for the actions made against him.

Seward now faces several charges related to the crime including burglary, arson, and possession of drug-related paraphernalia. KUTV also has an article providing more details into this case if you’d like even more information.

As Christmas is now less than week away, be sure to take care of yourselves by taking measures to ensure the safety of your family in your home.

Lock your doors and windows, and maybe install some cameras around your home if you feel like you need to take further care, and don’t hesitate to contact the authorities. They’re more than happy to help.

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