Hey St. George, and by proxy Washington City (no offense guys). We need to have a serious talk about your insane growth for a second. You’re building tons of new homes and all kinds of different strip malls and mini complexes, but I think you need to take a second and listen to what I have to say.

If you want everyone to think you’re a big-time city now, you need to bring some much-requested dining/shopping experiences into the fold of Southern Utah. You have two Chick Fil-A’s now, and overabundance of other chicken places. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to bring these three restaurants/markets to your city streets, trust me on this.

Cheesecake Factory

For as long as I can remember, one of the most requested restaurants for Southern Utah has been this chain with a menu the size of The Bible. If you’re wondering if you have the space for it, allow me to direct your attention to the abandoned Pizza Pie Café in the Red Cliffs Mall. Not only would it guarantee success, but it would also bring some much-needed life into the mostly clothing-based halls of the Red Cliffs Mall (hey, that rhymed).

Trader Joe’s

You want to talk about desperation? I’ll give you desperation (or devotion depending on your point of view). When the St. George Word of Mouth Facebook group isn’t hunting down every man with the name Josh (June’s been a weird month), there are multiple bad photoshops of signs by construction sites with residents saying, “Trader Joe’s is being built here” or “we’re finally getting a Trader Joe’s.” Someone even created a profile on Facebook completely dedicated to bringing a Trader Joe’s to St. George.

Romani’s Macaroni Grill

…Okay so this is more of a personal request, BUT IT’S NEEDED NONE THE LESS!

We don’t have enough Italian places in Southern Utah. The ones that we do have are usually packed most of the time and they don’t have Peasant Bread, which is a loaf of bread with rosemary baked in it. Every time I go up to Salt Lake City, Macaroni Grill is always a must have when I’m looking to eat out.

In conclusion St. George…may I call you George? The residents of Southern Utah LOVE when a big city food chain makes its way into your ever-growing twists and turns. So instead of getting another chicken place, make the call and get us that Peasant Bread…I mean, Trader Joe’s or Cheesecake Factory.


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