Southern Utah Sunrise Stories: Volume 8 


Statewide News – 07/10/23 

Becky Edwards Still in the Race for Congress 

Becky Edwards, a former member of the Utah House of Representatives, is still in the race for Chris Stewart’s seat in congress despite losing at the G.O.P. convention in Delta last month to Celeste Maloy. 

The reason for her continued candidacy is due to the ability to participate in the primary elections if the potential candidate can gather 7,000 signatures. Edwards will go up against Maloy once again when the primary election occurs on September 5. 

Kouri Richins’ Housekeeper Admits to Selling Fentanyl 

The trial for Kouri Richins continues...

Recap: Richins, a Utah mom, was accused of killing her husband by poisoning him with a large dose of Fentanyl, and then writing a children's book about grief. Richins also had some potentially incriminating search history results with examples like “can cops force you to do a lie detector test,” and “what is considered a lethal dose of fentanyl.” 

Now we reach the current development of this trial. Richins’ housekeeper, Carmen Marie Lauber, admitted to selling 15 to 30 pills of Fentanyl to Richins for $900 on two different occasions. It should also be known that Lauber admitted this during a separate trial because she operates as a drug dealer as well as a housekeeper. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 07/10/23 

Rollover Crash Leads to Deaths and Injuries 

An unfortunate accident of Friday night near mile post 91 on I-15 resulted in the death of two teenage girls one 19 and one 17. Three other passengers were injured but only two were taken to the hospital via helicopter.

The two teenagers were launched from the vehicle and were pronounced dead at the scene, while two of the injured had to be transported via helicopter due to critical injuries. The crash ended up blocking I-15 going in both directions for a couple of hours. 

Two Lost Hikers Rescued in Pine Valley 

Two hikers had to be rescued after getting lost in Pine Valley with one of the hikers being sent to the hospital due to dehydration.  

Search and Rescue had to dispatch a helicopter and still had a rough time locating the hikers due to complications with the GPS radius they were given.  

While one of the hikers had to go to the hospital, the other hiker was able to go home with no complications. 

Possible High Rises on Cedar City Council Agenda 

Leaders of Cedar City will be delving into a proposal from land surveying company based in St. George involving the construction of two high rise buildings. 

The company, Bush and Gudgell, want to build two 100-foot buildings in Cedar City’s Historical District, and by Veteran’s Park as well. 

The proposal will be brought up during the city council meeting for Cedar City on July 12.  

“Fill The Bus” Campaign Returns to St. George 

The Washington County School District is teaming up with Findlay Subaru St. George once again to provide school supplies to kids in need before school begins in August. 

The goal is to receive enough donations to fill an entire yellow school bus full of supplies before the beginning of the academic year. All donations are welcome such as backpacks, colored pencils, calculators, and whatever else one can think of. 

Donations can be made starting today at Findlay Subaru St. George, Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


It’s time for another fun fact about Sunrise Stories author Stockton Myers. 

Stockton now has 2 nieces and 7 nephews as of July 9, 2023. The newest member to his family is Rockwell Kyle Myrick and he’s the most adorable little bean.

Photo Credit: Stockton Myers
Photo Credit: Stockton Myers

Stockton has another nephew on the way who is expected around September. 

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