The Southern Utah drag show debacle continues, and St. George residents are once again divided by the issue.   

Earlier this month a drag show was postponed after the St. George City Council enforced city ordinances and did not let the show proceed at J.C. Snow Park. Many locals went to social media to voice their concerns about the ages allowed at the event.  

Screenshot from St. George Word of Mouth Post.
Screenshot from St. George Word of Mouth Post.

The drag show was posted to the local Facebook Group St. George Word of Mouth where commentors aired their grievances or support. One person even brought the Anheuser-Busch controversy into it by commenting “Are these the new mascots for Anheuser-Busch lol”.  

It seems like the whole country is dealing with these issues but it's nothing new for St. George.  

With that drag show postponed until Pride Month (June), the group Southern Utah Drag Stars will be presenting the Rhinestone Rodeo Drag Show at a private business on Apr. 28 instead. It has been announced as an all-ages drag show which has locals up in arms once again.  

Screenshot from St. George Word of Mouth FB Group.
Screenshot from St. George Word of Mouth FB Group.

Some are disgusted by the idea of kids at the event while others are worried that St. George is becoming like California.  

“I never thought I'd see the words “Drag Show” and Tabernacle in the same paragraph,” One commentor said.  

“I miss the old St. George,” another said.  

“This is why California people should’ve stayed in California!”  

The general sentiment seems to be that drag shows are unacceptable though there were comments in support of the event, there weren’t many.  

But these drag shows aren’t going away and as St. George grows, its population diversifies.  

Here are some ways to make sure that if this isn’t your thing, you won’t see it all the time: 

  • Check your social media preferences and try to fill your apps like Instagram and Facebook with things you want to see. 
  • Unfollow people who post things that make you upset. Or you can just temporarily turn off notifications from that person.  
  • Spam your feed with likes of your preferred content so that ads and suggested posts are actually geared toward you.  
  • Follow news organizations that cover topics you like.                                              

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