The monsoon season has done many things for Southern Utah, but the most prominent side effect of this period of precipitation is the lightning storms.

Many residents of Southern Utah have bore witness to what could be described as a light show for the past few nights, but for one St. George couple, it was a bit more of an active experience than one might expect.

Judy and Dave Houston were driving along past the Boulder Springs area in St. George on July 29 when lightning struck a little too close for comfort.

The bolt ended up striking a palm tree in the backyard of an unoccupied home in the area, starting a fire on the tree. Instead of just waiting for help to arrive, Judy and Dave decided to take action.

Judy Houston said, “The lightning came out the sky perfectly straight, and it was like if you took a pencil down and drew it down to the tree.”

Judy continues, “And so immediately we’re like, we've got to find a hose.”

The couple got to work and attempted to at least hold the worst of the flames at bay until fire crews could arrive at the scene.

Judy and Dave took turns trying to extinguish the flames along with another bystander who decided to assist, but the wind was blowing the embers down the back wall into a more forested area, causing a larger brush fire to break out.

The good news that came from this is that the wind, along with the efforts of the Houston couple, stopped anymore damage from occurring in the backyard of the home.

Judy said that they were just happy to help, and that nobody was hurt.


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