St. George City just got an impressive award from the state of Utah this morning and Mayor Michele Randall wants everyone to know it was hard-earned. 

The City of St. George was recently selected as one of Utah’s 100 Companies Championing Women on behalf of Governor Spencer Cox, the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity and the Utah Women & Leadership Project at Utah State University. The award commends organizations that create an environment of equity and inclusion for women in Utah.

Mayor Michele Randall
Mayor Michele Randall

“This is a great honor for our city,” said St. George Mayor Michele Randall. “I am so proud to lead a municipal organization that values creating an environment where women can thrive for the benefit of the community we serve.”

As part of the new Inspire In Utah initiative, 100 Companies Championing Women focuses on recognizing and highlighting the stories of 100 Utah organizations that offer family-friendly policies and practices, as well as women-specific initiatives known to impact the recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing of women employees, managers, and leaders.

Data gathered showed no evidence of a negative gender wage gap at the City. The data also revealed a significant increase in the representation of women in leadership positions at the City between May 2021 and December 2022.

  • Top level leadership has increased from 28.6% to 55.6%
  • Executive leadership has increased from 26.7% to 28.6%
  •  Front line leadership has increased from 45.8% to 51.1%

 City Women launched in 2020 as a grassroots initiative by city employees, with full support from city leadership. City Women aims to increase the influence of women as leaders across all departments and strengthen the organization from within. City Women works to cultivate knowledge, skills and connections that support leadership development.

Professional development topics addressed at City Women events, which are also regularly attended by male colleagues, include:

  1. Leadership science
  2. Effective networking
  3. Peer relationships
  4. Mental well-being and stress management
  5. Civic engagement
  6. Resume building for career mobility

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