The St. George Regional Airport is looking to expand and construction for the project begins on Oct. 9.  

The airport currently has four direct flights from St. George; Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, and Dallas Fort Worth. St. George Regional Airport Director Rich Stehmeier said the airport is working to accommodate bigger aircrafts and more direct flights.  

“Basically, what we're doing, what we found is that our terminal is a little bit too small for the airplanes that are starting to be used by the airlines. So, they're up, they're up gauging the size of the airplane going from 50 seaters to 70-75 seaters, and then hopefully in the future, bigger,” Stehmeier said.  

The timeline for this project is roughly 120 working days and the expected time the terminal should be finished is sometime in March of 2024. 

Stehmeier also said that the airport would be tearing out the terminal ramp which has some damage from blue clay. At the very least, that project should go through to the end of the year. When both projects are completed, he is hoping bigger aircraft will be attracted to the St. George Regional Airport. 

“Probably our biggest draw right now, and our biggest demand, would be on the West Coast, somewhere either in the LA basin or San Francisco or Seattle,” Stehmeier said. “Those are big, big demand areas for us right now. Again, can't really say anything about that other than that we're working with our airline partner lines to get that done.” 

So how will this impact your flights? 

For the first half of construction, there will only be room for three aircraft to park overnight. Once the first section is finished, that will allow two more parking spaces to become available. Upon completion, Stehmeier said there will be somewhere between seven and eight spaces available.  

The St. George Regional Airport is working with Sky West, American Delta, and United Airlines to get the logistics figured out.  

With the addition to the airport and the continued demand for new direct flight locations, the St. George Regional Airport could be offering a few more options for locals by next Spring. However, Stehmeier said that will be dependent on Sky West and the wants of the local population.  

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