Some might think that St. George is an unknown small town in the United States, but every once in a while, a spotlight is placed over a highlight of Southern Utah’s infrastructure. 

Such is the case with the St. George Town Square on Main Street and Tabernacle. The historical area was ranked among the best in the country as a part of USA Today’s Ten Best Readers’ Choice Awards where they ranked the ten best town squares in the country nominated by the readers. 

St. George Town Square ranked No. 6 based on factors such as aesthetic value, historical significance, and communal importance. USA Today explained why the Southern Utah town made the list. 

USA Today said, “Featuring dramatic water features, shade pavilions, and grassy spaces, Town Square in St. George, Utah, serves as a vibrant community hub and hosts diverse events and celebrations. The Town Square is surrounded by local shops, boutiques, and restaurants, as well as well-preserved pioneer architecture and landmarks that provide a glimpse into the town’s past.” 

In case you’re wondering about the top three in the ranking, No. 3 went to Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee, The Square in Oxford, Mississippi, ranked No. 2 on the list, and No. 1 went to Campus Martius Park in Detroit, Michigan. 

USA Today said, “Campus Martius Park serves as Detroit’s gathering place, where locals and visitors alike can come to take in the skyline views, people-watch around the Woodward Fountain, grab a meal from a food truck, or go ice skating in the winter.” 

Here’s hoping we can beat Detroit in a future ranking, because who wants to lose to Detroit of all places? Writers Note: This is a joke. I know some very nice people in Detroit who are probably very happy. 

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