Dixie Technical College is making strides to expand its automotive program by including more local partnerships.  

On Tuesday, June 13, the college presented its newest partnership with Findlay Subaru. A Dixie Technical College press release said that the curriculum will now include Subaru-specific training allowing students to not only get real-life experience but also jump right into the workforce.  


“It helps our students' knowledge and skills base as well as makes them very desirable to Subaru dealerships,” Dixie Tech Instructor Bill Vair said. “When Subaru-U graduates work at a Subaru dealer, they don't need to take time off from work to complete the required online training and that makes their employer very happy.” 

Dealerships come by the school regularly to have BBQs with the students and scout out prospective hires.  

Students can start courses in high school as well to get a head start on their training. The college will also be the only institution is Southern Utah to offer this training.  


“As a technical college, we have a graduation rate well over 80% and placement rates well over 90%,” Dixie Technical College President Jordan Rushton said. “The reason that those placement rates are so high is because of partnerships just like this. You know, if we make sure that we're working hand in hand with our industry partners, those students are so much more well prepared when they graduate to be able to just transition to a new industry.” 

Subaru is also heavily invested in providing these students with the resources they need to be successful.  


“Well, as far as Subaru University, we donate vehicles. We also donate parts, transmissions, engine assemblies, and a scan tool to diagnose the vehicle,” Technical Training Education Manager for Subaru America John Dun said.  

To learn more about Dixie Technical College programs visit https://dixietech.edu/  


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