Like the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and the places we live, the food we eat is subjective.

What may be delicious to one person may be disgusting to another. For instance, my wife absolutely loves cucumbers, but I hate them. In fact, cucumber may be my most disliked food on the planet.

However, I love chocolate milk and my wife despises it. This is hard for me to understand. She likes milk. She likes chocolate. But she doesn't like the two combined.

Other people (myself included) think the most perfect food combination may just be peanut butter and chocolate. I can't get enough of the combo. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, Reese's Cups or Sticks, Peanut Butter Oreos, peanut butter bars, chocolate-peanut butter cheesecake, and ... well, you get the idea.

And yet I have a friend that thinks the idea of the two flavors together is just wrong.

Another couple of combinations that seem perfect for each other are coconut and pineapple (Pina Colada!) and bacon and brown sugar.

I've always loved the coconut-pineapple combo and if you've ever tried candied bacon, you know how amazing that can be.

But again, I know people who can't stand either flavor combination.

I enjoy smoking meat on my Yoder 480, but the couple of times I've tried to smoke sweet foods it hasn't worked out to my palette's satisfaction.

I just didn't enjoy smoked chocolate chip cookie (skookie) and the shot at smoking cheesecake was an abject failure.

But even though we have different tastes in food, there are some flavors out there that just shouldn't be allowed. Oh sure, there will be one or two of you that will think some of these are good ideas, but most of us living in this reality no that the foods below are just Nope, Nope, Nope!

Nope (!) Food Flavors

It's just a nope on these flavors

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