The deadliest National Park in the United States is closer than you think.

According to a new study by personal injury company Connecticut Trial Firm with data from the Public Risk Management Program, contributing factors like an enormous coverage area, vast bodies of water, drownings, and significant roads going through sections of the park are what sent this park close to Southern Utah to the top.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the deadliest national park in the U.S.

From July 2013 to July 2023, 203 deaths were recorded at Lake Mead with many of the deaths being caused by drownings.

Other factors like rising water levels and monsoon winds added to the dangers of attending Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

That being said, the park sees more than five million people a year, which means more than 50 million people have visited since 2013.

Some other reasons for the deaths are due to reckless behavior. Activities like cliff jumping add to the danger of losing your life while enjoying some outdoor recreation.

Other parks listed in the report include Grand Canyon National Park which has 136 recorded deaths in the past ten years, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area with 75 deaths, and Zion National Park didn’t even make the top ten.

Some ways to avoid danger while out in the wilderness include bringing a solid supply of food and water, a dedicated GPS device that isn’t your phone, and being sure to bring a light source like a flashlight that isn’t your phone.

More details on national park conditions and safety tips can be found on the national park website.


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