How likely is a large earthquake in Southern Utah? According to the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, especially since there is a fault line right next to home. 

The emergency preparedness division of the Southwest Utah Public Health Department released an instructional video on their Facebook page on February 28 to provide advice on what to do in a possible earthquake in Southern Utah. 

According to the video, The Hurricane Fault Line runs through most of Southern Utah and can create an earthquake of seven in magnitude, but that hasn’t been recorded in written history. 

A big quake tends to occur in the region every 150 years but that’s a rough estimate since the last two major earthquakes were 88 years apart. In 1992, a quake of about 5.5 was recorded in the region. Some residents described the quake like it was a train running through their home. 

In 1904, a quake of about 6.0 in magnitude was recorded and reportedly caused a bit of damage to the homes at the time; However, the area wasn’t as developed at the time. 

If an earthquake hits, there are a couple of tried-and-true methods of keeping yourself as safe as possible. The one you probably know is to take cover underneath a structurally stable object like a table or desk. Another method is to stand underneath a doorway, but the video advised against this as it only applies to older homes.  

If you are unable to take cover due to mobility issues, then the video recommends you lock your wheelchair or walker in place and brace yourself by holding on while sitting down. 

Please check out the full video as it gives plenty of essential advice when it comes to earthquake safety. Thank you to the Southwest Utah Public Health Department for the instructional video. 

Stay safe out there. 


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