We’re now less than a month away from the fall general election in Southern Utah on November 21. Along with the city council and congressional side of the election, certain policies will take their place on the ballot just begging to be picked from the vine and put into effect.

One such example is the Trails, Parks & Recreation General Obligation Bond that is up for renewal in the upcoming election. This bond was originally voted on in 1996 and allowed for multiple trails and recreational projects to be brought into fruition.

The $29 million bond was in use until August 2023, and city officials believe there is much more to be done with the bond, hence the potential renewal.

Director of Communications of the City of St. George, David Cordero, said this bond has supplied precious memories for Southern Utah residents for over 25 years, and the new trails made from the potential renewal will make even more memories.

Cordero said, “It’s going to fund a lot of neat projects, and just to name a few of the trails, there’s the Black Hill Trail, Fort Pierce Wash Trail, Rim Rock Trail, which is from the St. George Regional Hospital to the Virgin River North trail, a lot of connectivity.”

That connectivity Cordero mentioned is to connect more trails together so that traversal becomes easier for more residents across more areas throughout St. George.

Cordero said, “We’ve got some trails that don’t have connectivity, so it’s really going to bring our trail system together. We’ve got between 60 to 70 miles of paved trails in St. George, which is amazing, and a lot of people come here for that.”

If you’d like to find out more about the G.O. Bond, check out the city’s website for more info. Once you do your research, be sure to vote on whether this bond will be renewed once the November 21 election rolls around.


Arches National Park

Gallery Credit: All photos by Shelly Griffin

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