The 2023 Tuacahn season is upon us! This year's season includes standouts like Tarzan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Beautiful: The Carol King Musical. 

I would personally recommend anyone go see Tarzan in particular. Yes, it’s been done about five times at the outdoor amphitheater, but this version is a special exception. Josh Strickland, who originated the role on Broadway in the mid 2000’s will be returning to the role at Tuacahn this season. Don’t let his age fool you, he’s still got it and then some. 

However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind if you’re planning to make the trip out to the canyon to see this season’s Tuacahn outings. Nothing severe mind you, but if you keep these things in mind, then you’ll have an even better time than what you would usually have. 

Prepare For The Drive 

Depending on where you’re living the drive to Tuacahn can be a serious gas-killer if you’re not prepared. For example, if you’re near downtown St. George, you’re still looking at a 30 to 45 minute commute. It can get especially bad if you decide to go right before the show starts because traffic can get very congested as you make your way through the canyon to the theater. 

Bring A Blanket 

Don’t let the St. George weather fool you, once the sun goes down in the canyon, it can get a bit nippy depending on the weather. Even if you think it will be clear and hot throughout the night of the show, it’s best to be prepared so you’re not focused on anything but enjoying the show. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Nuggets 

If you are wondering what kind of concessions would be best to enjoy during the show, look no further than the classic golden corn nuggets that are sold at Tuacahn. Think of it as maple syrup concentrated into a solid nugget. If you’ve ever had the cereal Waffle Crisp, then you will absolutely ADORE the golden nuggets. 

Tuacahn is an experience you don’t want to miss, especially if you’ve never been to Tuacahn before. The shows in the amphitheater have a sense of scale and showmanship that you can’t see anywhere else...if the weather is good anyway. 


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