Utah Tech University hosted the 2023 Global Polytechnic Summit this year which helped address the importance of preparing future workers. 

A UT press release said that 130 academicians were on campus this week from eight countries. The focus of this year's summit was the growing concern of not enough tech talent.  

“It’s impossible to overstate the impact technology has on the workforce and society in general,” Utah Tech’s Provost Dr. Michael Lacourse, who hosted the summit, said. “Having the opportunity to discuss how we best prepare future generations with leaders from other renowned polytechnic universities around the globe right here on the Utah Tech University campus is invaluable.” 

The Global Polytechnic Education Alliance organized the summit themed “Technology Talent: Advancing A Comprehensive and Global Strategy.”  

The sessions covered a variety of topics that focused on “advancing the quality and effectiveness of the polytechnic academic model”. California Institute of Technology President Dr. Tom Rosenbaum presented as well as Pluralsight Chief People Officer Will Clive. Virginia Tech, Purdue Online and Learning Innovation were also present.  

Attendees were able to get out and about as well during the summit to check out Zion National Park, take tours around Southern Utah, and experience UTs “active learning, active life”. There was also an opportunity for hands-on STEM activities that are for the pipeline model UT is using for preparing younger ages.  

““By hosting the summit, Utah Tech has established ourselves as a leader in the polytechnic education space,” Lacourse said. “This greatly benefits students, as they can earn a high-quality polytechnic education at an affordable price thanks to Utah Tech’s commitment to being open and inclusive.” 


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