A family in Midvale has reportedly been harassed for the past year by a neighbor who’s been using various racial slurs and physically assaulting the pregnant mother of the family.

The situation involving this family in Utah became known after a TikTok post showed the woman, one Kathryn Smith, mocking the mother through various means, and allegedly poking and prodding the pregnant woman.

You can check out the video here, but please be aware of the sensitive nature surrounding the post when watching.

The video also stated that the police refused to arrest Smith despite her having four warrants out for her arrest including the assault charge along with property damage, speeding, and failing to register an expired vehicle.

User TizzyEnt on X (formerly known as Twitter) created the video commenting on the situation, including the reported claim that Smith is a former prosecutor for the city of Midvale, leading some to believe the police aren’t acting due to Smith’s position.

Multiple officials from Midvale and the surrounding area have released statements condemning Smith’s behavior, calling for a swift and decisive end to the alleged harassment. These officials also stated that Smith has never worked for the city of Midvale.

One of these officials includes Midvale Mayor Marcus Stevenson who released a statement via his Facebook page.

Mayor Stevenson said, “It’s hard to describe how disgusted I feel learning that one of our Midvale families is living in a situation where they are dealing with regular racist tirades and feeling their safety at risk. To be clear, racism has no place in our community. Everyone should feel welcomed here, and our community’s actions should back that up. I’m in contact with our city management, police department, and working to speak directly to the victims so we can work on a solution that provides justice for this family. Lastly, the perpetrator in this video is not an employee of Midvale City and has never worked for Midvale City. We would never tolerate this type of behavior.”

KUTV also provided information regarding the situation, and you can find their article here.

We’ll be sure to provide updates as the situation develops.

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