Washington County Search and Rescue high-angle team rescued a 65 year old woman off she had injured her foot.

The woman and others in her group were hiking in Snow Canyon State Park in the area called Island in the Sky with three other people on Sunday.

She injured her foot and could not put pressure on it to hike any farther.

The woman fell about five feet while hiking and injured one of her feet, though the extent of the injury was unknown.

This resulted in the search and rescue team’s high-angle team being called in to retrieve the woman and those with her.

A drone was used to fly a line up to search and rescue team members, who had made contact with the group on the Island in the Sky trail.

Once secured, rescuers repelled the injured woman 410 feet down the cliff side, according to Darrell Cashin with  Washington County Search and Rescue.

Search and rescue personnel went back to the other hikers after the injured woman was at the bottom of the cliff.

She was reportedly taken to the hospital in a private car versus transport by ambulance.

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