Ah Disney, so many childhood memories for so many people, even if they love to milk a property dry like an anorexic cow.

Southern Utah has a LOT of growing families within its red dirt filled canyons, so that means there needs to be something to keep the kids entertained.

For me, and probably everyone else, Disney movies were the distraction that let mom and dad catch a break to…I don’t know…eat? Sleep? Shower? All the above?

This comes with some serious consequences however, as kids will no doubt OBSESS over their preferred Disney flick to the point where the script becomes part of their daily vocabulary.

Which means parents have to find a Disney movie that they know will not make them want to tear their own hair out on the 184th time they’ve heard it today.

Now, I don’t have a study to go behind my findings, but what I do have, is personal experience. I believe I know what Disney movie was the choice of poison for my generation (I’m 26 by the way).

I heard quotes from this film every day during elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school. So when I asked my friends growing up what DVD they ruined as a kid from watching it too much, it hit me.

“Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.”

“The Emperor’s New Groove” is without a doubt the most quoted Disney movie in Southern Utah, that is, in my generation.

It’s the perfect movie to distract the kids with. It’s nonstop in its pacing and comedy, It’s so INCREDIBLY quotable, and it’s short.

The film clocks in under 90 minutes, 78 minutes to be exact. This means the kids won’t get bored and will make it to the credits without bothering the parents when they’re…eating? Sleeping? Showering? Staring at the ceiling?

You want to know how I know it’s the most quoted Disney movie in Southern Utah? Have you been to a restaurant in Southern Utah on your birthday?

What’s the birthday song the waiters begrudgingly sing to you? Most of the time, it’s not “Happy Birthday to You.”

It’s this.

Is it original to "The Emperor's New Groove"? Nope! I just wanted to state this fact nonetheless.

Am I wrong? If you think so, I’d love it if you told us on Facebook what you think is Southern Utah’s most quoted Disney film.


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