I recently had the chance to enjoy a family event at Fiesta Fun. We rented out the private bowling alley in the center and it became increasingly clear Fiesta Fun is still one of best places to spend your night out in St. George, both with and without the kids.

Walking into the front doors of the center after a long period of not going to Fiesta Fun is always a joy thanks to the constant changes and conditions to the arcade. This time, I was happy to see some love for one of my favorite pastimes, pinball.

I love me a good pinball machine, especially when it’s with my dad. We’ve always bonded over the tournament mode that most pinball machines have, and it’s always cool to see the classic get some love.

A lot more carnival type arcade machines were part of the selection as well, down the clown for example is a classic ball throwing carnival game. Of course, no arcade would be complete without a surplus of tickets, and a variety of unique prizes to spend more money on than what they’re actually worth. Some of the top prizes at Fiesta Fun included high-end speakers and a 60 in. television.

While Fiesta Fun also has plenty of other attractions like go-karts, bumper boats, laser tag and mini golf, the star attraction is bowling. Ever since Fiesta Fun opened, the bowling alleys have been my personal favorite to go to with my family, and I’m clearly not the only one since the alleys are usually packed every evening.

You don’t have to rent out the private room to have a good time at Fiesta Fun, but I will say, just having that little bit of privacy in an otherwise bustling activity center was quite nice.

If you’re looking for a fun place for a date night or just want to take the kids out for a night of tomfoolery (don’t know why that term came to mind), then Fiesta Fun is the place to go in St. George.

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