7-year-old Emery Burrows, who was sadly involved in a vehicle accident on September 24, is heading home after fighting through a small brain bleed with a skull fracture and multiple leg fractures.

The announcement comes from Trit Borrowman’s Facebook page, Emery’s mother, as she updated her friends and family on her progress.

Emery and Borrowman have received nothing short of a mountain’s worth of kind messages and prayers for the little one’s health to improve, and it seems their prayers have been answered.

According to one of Borrowman’s updates, even the local missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been lending their assistance by giving Emery a priesthood blessing.

Borrowman said, “Emery received a blessing from the local missionaries (they were both from Utah) yesterday and has been making remarkable progress! Her brain bleed is gone, no swelling on her brain. She is awake a lot and eating, drinking and talking a lot. She misses home and can’t wait to get out of here.”

It appears Borrowman feels tremendous relief according to another of her Facebook updates, where she detailed how she was able to finally hold little Emery in her arms again.

Borrowman said, “I can’t describe the feeling as a mom to finally be able to hold my baby girl after seeing her sedated and intubated for days laying in a hospital bed.”

Emery is seen in Borrowman’s posts wearing many casts, but plenty of signatures can be seen on her leg cast. It seems Emery has plenty of love coming her way as she recovers from the accident.

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