Ah, Frost Top. Such wonderful memories were made at this classic drive-in burger joint. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my mom and dad took me to Frost Top to get a Prince Burger with a large fry and chocolate shake. Is it the most delicious restaurant in St. George?

HAHAHA, ‘slaps knee’ *WHEEZE*….no.


But that doesn't change the fact that It’s a quintessential dive to experience in Southern Utah, and with how little remodeling and repairs done on the place, it’s turned into a time capsule of a trend long past, which is the drive-in restaurant.

So many firsts have been experienced through that smelly parking lot. First dates, first kisses, first bowel movements and first cravings. The menu, until recently, was hilariously big for such a small place.

There weren’t many places where you could get a burger with fries, taquitos, fish, gyros, and onion rings on one receipt. I would take friends to Frost Top and set a restriction on what could be ordered for this round of Frost Top Roulette. One of us would go missing for a couple of days depending on who got the fish.

When Frost Top temporarily shut down during the pandemic, I got legitimately depressed. Luckily, new owners came along and re-opened the classic drive-in, albeit to mixed results, but I couldn’t be happier that it’s still around…at least, I think.

Photo Credit: Stockton Myers
Photo Credit: Stockton Myers

While researching for this article, I went to Frost Top to get the usual, but I found that they’ve been closed for maintenance since the beginning of June. I genuinely hope, no... I pray it’s still going to be around so that it can continue to provide those many “firsts” that everyone loves so much.


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