I've never been a veggie lover.

Yes, I got the whole "If you want dessert, you'll eat all your vegetables," from my mother. And I've gotten the looks of disdain from restaurant workers and family members when I skip the veggie tray or ask for no onions on my burger.

Truthfully, not eating vegetables (or rarely eating them) has been very difficult. People judge you, often commenting on how they'll make you strong or live longer or lose weight, or whatever else their perceived benefits are.

But today, a famous 78-year old man admitted something that may start a revolution. We may now be able to skip the salad, bury the cauliflower under the gristle from our steak or toss the raw carrot out the window.

Al Michaels said it was OK.

Doctors and health professionals will argue that veggies are for your benefit, that they will make you strong and healthy and prolong your life.

But what if you just don't like them (well, most of them)?

Eating something I don't like (broccoli, for instance) makes me unhappy. In fact, having to lump down some kale or eggplant makes me downright grumpy.

And isn't it better that I am happy? Isn't that what life's about -- being content? Vegetables don't make me content.

As a disclaimer (and for my wife), these are the things that vegetables can do for someone who does like them (from Yahoo): 1. Fight inflammation; 2. Improve blood pressure; 3. Up your fiber; 4. Help your eyes; 5. Improve your skin; 6. Reduce risk of heart disease; 7. Benefit for blood sugar; 8. Reduce risk of cancer; 9. Keep your brain young; 10. Improve your immune health.

But Yahoo also admits this: "I'm a dietitian, but my shopping cart is filled with more than kale and organic apples. Sure, I buy lots of vegetables, but also processed foodspasta and desserts (because I'm human, too)," Yahoo's Lisa Valente.

There is one veggie that I can get behind

Valente: "But there's one vegetable that always makes the cut—the humble potato."

Yes! Right next to a sizzling steak, with melted butter and some A1 Sauce.

Now I wonder if Al Michaels eats fruit.


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