Police say Friday nights deadly crash on Lake Powell was caused by a drunk driver, one who’s criminal history shows a long pattern of alcohol and drug abuse while driving.

Court documents dating all the way back to 2014 when Triston Brady Harrison was just 17 years old detail a myriad of driving, drinking, and drug infractions.

He’s been charged five times for driving with an invalid or nonexistent drivers license, charged three times for the possession and use of drugs, twice for the use of a controlled substance, and another three charges for alcohol consumption by a minor.

Harrison was also charged and convicted of impaired driving in 2016; that’s the legal step down from a DUI, and just this past May he was charged with a DUI that is still working its way through court.

Because of Friday’s incident, Harrison is now facing two more felonies: a DUI resulting in serious bodily injury, and automobile homicide due to DUI. Court documents show that Harrison has been evaluated by a psychologist for substance abuse and addiction multiple times.

This horrible story is an opportunity for parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of impaired driving and allowing others to drive impaired around them.

Story provided by our News Partners at ABC 4 News.

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