A 24-inch pipe that serves water to residents in La Verkin was seriously damaged by State Route 17 on December 1, starting an extensive repair process.

The damage to the pipeline reportedly took water away from select La Verkin residents for a few hours. While water is now accessible at said homes, the pressure is much lower than what it was before.

According to a statement from the Washington County Water Conservancy District via Facebook, the repairs are expected to take some time before everything is back to normal levels.

The statement said, “A 24 [inch] pipeline on State Route 17 in Toquerville has failed, reducing the water in La Verkin’s storage tank. Water district and municipal crews are working together to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Water is still being delivered to the local communities, though some La Verkin homes may notice temporary lower pressure. La Verkin residents are encouraged to minimize use while repairs are underway.”

The actual repairs to the pipeline are expected to take about two weeks, so the water pressure will continue to persist at its current level until the repairs are complete.

While the cause of the damage has yet to be confirmed by the water district, some residents have voiced their concerns on Facebook that the construction in the area was the reason.

A similar incident happened earlier this year in Apple Valley, albeit more severe, when a million-gallon storage tank suddenly drained. This incident left over a hundred homes in the area without any water. The incident in La Verkin has not gotten to that level, so the residents still have access to water.

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