Congressman Chris Stewart has some very big shoes to fill, figuratively speaking, and Washington County citizens will get a close look at the people aiming to fill those shoes this weekend at a debate held in St. George.

The debate will be Saturday at the Washington County School District offices at 121 W. Tabernacle. Celeste Maloy and Bruce Hough have committed to be there. Candidate Becky Edwards has yet to respond to invitations from the Utah Republican Party.

Due to the announced resignation of Congressman Stewart, a Special Election will be held to find his replacement.

This process will include a primary election for Registered Republicans within Congressional District 2 on Sept. 5.

Congressional Candidate Celeste Maloy, the GOP Endorsed Candidate, has challenged her opponents to a debate in every county within Congressional District 2.

The Washington County Republican Party will be hosting one of the debates on Saturday, Aug. 5th at 6 p.m.

This debate will take place at 121 W. Tabernacle in St. George.

Andy Griffin of KDXU and Utah State Republican Party Secretary Stafford Palmieri Sievert will moderate the debate.

The other two candidates, Bruce Hough and Becky Edwards have been invited to participate. Hough has confirmed his appearance.

Hough and Edwards are candidates by gathering signatures, following the rules established by SB54 enacted in 2014, while Celeste was the winner of the Utah Republican Party Convention.

Conservatives have speculated online that Edwards will likely be a no show at the debate, although debate organizers remain hopeful.

Congressional District 2 consists of mostly the western part of Utah, but includes population centers like Tooele, Washington County and parts of Salt Laker City.

Stewart has served as the congressman representing District 2 since 2013. He recently announced his resignation (effective Sept. 15) to care for his ailing wife.

His seat will remain empty until the general election in November, though the Republican primary winner in September has a major inside track to the seat based on Utah's past voting record and conservative values.

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