There are plenty of houses, roads and people off Exit 2 in St. George.

But the one thing most residents and potential residents will mention is that there's not much else.

Dubbed Desert Color, several home builders are having success, especially with the popularity of the huge lagoon and play area. But to eat out, go shopping or do much of anything else, folks had to head "into town:"

It looks like that will be changing soon.

Desert Color announced the lease signing of the following businesses: Chipotle, Swig, Jersey Mike Subs, Rosie’s Nails (salon), Maeve Med Spa, Intermountain Golf Carts, Nomad Pizzeria (Lagoon guests only)  and Nomad Cafe and Gelato (open to public).

Also, a mid-level box grocery store is announced to be coming to Desert Color as well as Intermountain Health Care (a hospital and emergency room), and Utah Tech Satellite Campus. Currently, pickleball courts and Bocce Ball are currently under construction.

An owner-only pool, splash pad and park are designated in the new Sage Haven Neighborhood.

As St. George continues to grow and stretch, the distance between St. George proper and the Desert Color/Arizona Strip/Airport area will continue to shrink.

The huge lagoon at Desert Color has roughly 2.5 acres of surface area with white sand beaches, the Shores Resort Lagoon (the largest private body of water in the St. George area). The Lagoon is naturally heated and the perfect place to swim, kayak, paddleboard, and much more.

Resort pools, beaches, nightly rentals, and homes surrounding the Lagoon offer a lifestyle of relaxation and recreation.


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