Who are you missing this holiday season? I miss many of my loved ones that have passed on. I notice that fun memories pop into my head and they make me smile. I think those are reminders that those we love are not far from us.

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I remember my Grandpa inviting us to come and see his new hot tub that he installed himself. He built the whole addition, did the plumbing and electrical and even made some stained glass for a window. It was awesome! He lived in Morgan, Utah and there was plenty of snow. We visited and all got in the new hot tub and then grandpa did something crazy! He ran outside and did a snow angel, in his speedo, and then ran back in and jump back in the hot tub with us. We were young and laughed hysterically. He told us to do it too. We barely made it into the snow with our bare feet before we ran back inside. It is something I will never forget. I miss him.

Grandpa and Grandson going Duck Hunting

I believe there is a heaven or an afterlife. If I am missing my loved ones then they are probably missing me too, right? Why not? Family and friends want to be together so I totally believe that our loved ones watch out for us, visit us and are our guardian angels.

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So how do we dull the pain of missing them? REMEBER them. Talk about them. Tell their stories. Read their journals. Look at pictures and reminisce. At first it is hard but if you can push through the initial pain, the love and memories are oh so sweet.


Happy Holidays! I truly believe that our loved ones are near. So remember them and look for signs that they are near. Look for hearts everywhere. Pray for dreams. They are close. Why wouldn't they be?

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