With Halloween just passing and more holidays coming up it's not unusual for people to want some chocolate. However, a new Consumer Report might make you rethink that.  

Dark chocolate has been touted as healthy in small amounts, and it's my preferred go-to when considering grabbing a chocolate bar. The CR found cadmium and lead in the cacao products, which isn’t abnormal, it’s the amounts that are concerning. The report tested 48 products in six categories. 

  • Cocoa powder 
  • Chocolate chips 
  • Milk chocolate bars 
  • Brownie mixes 
  • Chocolate cake 
  • Hot chocolate 

Some popular brands like Hershey’s, Ghirardelli, and Nestle were included in the tested products, and sellers like Costco and Walmart too.  

Of the 48 products tested, 16 had concerning levels of metal found in them. Since dark chocolate has more cacao it's no surprise that it had more metals in it overall than milk chocolate, the CR found. So, how do these metals make their way into chocolate? 

For cadmium, it appears that the cocoa plant takes it up from the soil. Lead, however, can be deposited on the cocoa beans after harvest, potentially from dust and soil as beans dry outdoors.”—CR  

These metals are especially concerning for pregnant women and kids because they can impact the brain in a multitude of ways. Developmental issues, behavior problems, and nervous system issues are just a few of the ways it can impact them. Adults can get hypertension, kidney damage, and reproductive issues from consuming too much of these metals. 

To see a full list of chocolate products you should watch out for click here. 

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