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All the news you missed this week. 


New Scam in Washington County 

In 2023, the scams are endless. The latest is from scammers asking either via cold call or an I-pad message for money deposits to local Bitcoin ATMS. Here is what you need to know. 


Safety Plea from Local PD 

The St. George Police Department had a rough previous week with car incidents on Bluff St. resulting in two deaths. A pedestrian was struck and another car accident later in the week revealed that both deaths were from reckless driving. Officers are pleading with the public to do better.  


Gambling with Candy is...Illegal? 

Utah has no love for gambling of any sort with no casinos around. In fact, its so unwelcome in the Beehive state that not even candy is allowed to be used for gambling “money”. 


Places in Utah you DON’T Want to Spend Thanksgiving 

Some of you may be considering doing something fun and different for the upcoming holiday...well, don’t. Let the family dinner be as it is, family feuds and all because ending up in these places is no fun.  


Best Crepes in Utah are in St. George 

A crepe being done perfectly is one of the greatest gifts in life. St. George has a hidden gem full of delicious crepes both sweet and savory. Full review here: 


St. George’s Most Expensive House 

We all check out Zillow for unattainable homes that we can only dream of owning. Well, here’s one more and it’s the most expensive in the city. 


A Thanksgiving Pow Wow 

The 18th annual Thanksgiving Pow Wow is coming up hosted by the Paiute Tribe of Utah. If you have ever wanted to experience the Native American culture and learn more this is the perfect opportunity to do so. 


Utah’s Favorite Christmas Candy 

Move over candy canes, Utah has a new favorite Christmas candy. The Hershey’s Kiss is Utah’s favorite Christmas candy according to CandyStore.com. Here are some of the other top-rated Christmas candies. 


BYU Quarterback Snake Bitten 

A BYU rookie quarterback with a lot of hope played last weekend and...well, not everything went as planned. BYU played Minnesota and the quarterback rookie was taken off the field. Full story here: 


Richest Neighborhood in Utah 

There will always be a posh neighborhood no matter where you go. Utah has several but this one takes the cake as they say. 


This Beloved Christmas Movie Was Filmed in Utah 

Everyone has a preferred Christmas movie and there are states that are just better to film them in. Utah is one of them. This classic 2000s film was shot right here in the Beehive state.  



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