It’s Halloween season and many Utah residents are dusting boxes of decorations off and getting into the spooky spirit.  

However, if you’re considering making your yard, porch, or lawn a spider’s dream (a human nightmare?), you should reconsider. Synthetic spider webs are a fantastic Halloween look but not if you’re an animal.  

"Often, the creatures moving through the bushes or trees decorated with this material can get caught, resulting in the animals dying of injury, starvation or predation unless they are rescued and rehabilitated," Amber Schiltz, interim division administrator of the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission’s (NGPC) Fish & Wildlife Education Division, wrote in an email to Fox News Digital.”Fox News 

In southern Utah there are bats still fliting about and as the unofficial spooky season ambassadors, killing or injuring one of these critters would be bad luck and in poor taste.  

The fake spider webs are made from non-biodegradable “plastic-based material” Schiltz told Fox News meaning that if the wind were to blow the material somewhere, it could be a problem for wildlife. These fake webs obviously don ‘t break down as well as real ones.  

Birds, bugs, and other small animals are at risk of getting their wings and limbs ensnared resulting in an all too real Halloween horror story for the poor critters, and you.  

Shiltz also said this is an issue because the season overlaps with the migration periods of these animals and bugs. Yes, it's tarantula migration season but even those guys would be in danger.  

Avoid injuring your favorite yard hummingbird or bat by keeping that stuff inside. You can also find alternatives like rope-based décor or allow your friendly house spider to do it all naturally. 

Happy Almost Spooky Season!  


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