Utah has grown at a fast rate for the last several years with people escaping from fire-ridden counties in California but that could mean some changes. 

No, I'm not talking about some of the liberal beef many of you have. I’m talking about a possible new state holiday. Recently states like New York and Colorado have adopted the Lunar New Year as a state holiday, and Michigan is considering it.  

With 2.8 percent of the Utah population being Asian (not including those of mixed backgrounds), it would be a cool thing for the state to adopt. Not for clout but as a way to recognize the diverse cultures that reside in Utah.  

So, what is the Lunar New Year? 

Also known as the Chinese New Year, this celebration is held after the American New Year celebration sometime between the end of January and February, Britannica said. The festival starts on the first new moon of the month and ends on the first full moon of the month.  

It’s steeped in history and has been celebrated for thousands of years. Traditionally, there is a cleaning of the home, red envelopes given out with money inside, and a lantern festival.  

Unlike in American culture, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are supposed to be for family. You stay at home and vibe with your relatives instead of going out to a New Year’s Eve party with your friends. It seems pretty cool and with some states adopting the holiday, that means that it could be another day off to honor cultural celebrations.  

Should Utah be one of those states? 

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