St. George Ink & Toner is under new ownership after 18 years of service to the Southern Utah area.  

Wayne and Deb Moon began the business in 2005 selling re-filled ink cartridges. St. George Ink & Toner has been selling re-fills ever since which costs less than a new cartridge their website says. There is also a small, connected side business, Discount Copies which has been part of St. George Ink & Toner for roughly 10 years.  

But now the Moons are retiring.  

Kris Bradbury has been working at St. George Ink & Toner for 16 years he said. Basically, since the beginning, Bradbury has been filling toners, learning customer service, and managing the store. Now, he’s the owner.  


The service will still be great and long-time customers should receive the same care they have since 2005.  

“We haven't really changed anything; we still offer our same warrantied delivery service to local businesses. You know, I like to think excellent customer service too. But no. No one should notice a difference between the way things were run before to where they are now,” Bradbury said.  

Bradbury worked his way to becoming the owner through years of working with the Moons and learning the business. He attributes his new position to his willingness to learn new things and by making himself indispensable to the business.  

“There's not a real science to it. I got kind of lucky I think for the most part. I mean, if you know your business inside and out, you know what you're doing, and you know what to look for,” Bradbury said. “Look for making it easier on them, showing them that, when they're ready to be done, there's someone here, if they want to have their legacy continue, that can do that for them.” 


Learning how to balance books, knowing what the state and government require from the business and giving great customer service are key to ever becoming a business owner Bradbury said.  

However, the transition from employee to owner will still have its challenges.  

“It has been a very large learning process. But it's been really exciting to learn something new. I'm still learning quite a bit. But it was nice because I've been here long enough that my day-to-day transactions and where to find stuff and what to do, I know how to do all of that,” Bradbury said.  


He says it’s the behind-the-scenes learning that has proved challenging.  

Bradbury will continue the legacy of St. George Ink & Toner and its service to provide quality re-filled ink cartridges and toner.  

“We're a local business that has been here in the community to see it grow. And to see it, you know, it's exciting times and its struggling times,” Bradbury said.  


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