It’s pretty much winter and one thing that comes with this chilly time of year is all the snow...and then the removal of that snow.  

Utah has some of the “best snow” in the nation and as beautiful as it can be, getting out of the way can be a pain. However, if you’re a property owner you are legally obligated to do something about it on the public parts of your property.  

So, what are you required to do? 

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, property owners are required to clean up the sidewalks on all sides of the property within 24 hours of a snowstorm ending. That does not mean shoveling the snow onto your neighbor's lawn either.  

The law also requires that the path be 42 inches wide.  

Though there is no law about parking on streets during a snowstorm you do need to move your vehicle every two days. However, this is not true in Salt Lake County where parking on the street isn’t allowed from November to March.  

Don’t put the snow in the streets because you will get fined. If you don’t comply with snow removal you can also get fined for each day you don’t clean up the sidewalks. This also includes clearing the areas around fire hydrants and mailboxes.  

Now, if you live in an apartment complex the property manager is supposed to take care of all this. They also have a period of 24 hours after a snowstorm to clear the snow. Unless it’s in the agreement that the renters are to take care of it, it's the property manager’s responsibility.  

You or your landlord can get professional snow removal to help avoid any of those chilly fines. You can also do it yourself but make sure you wear the proper clothing and have hot cocoa waiting inside.  


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