The upcoming St. George Arts Summit, scheduled for Aug. 31 at the Electric Theater Center, is poised to unite a diverse community of artists, performers, educators and supporters in a day dedicated to celebrating creativity and fostering collaboration.

“With the objective of creating bonds that transcend artistic disciplines and personal backgrounds, the St. George Arts Summit stands as a beacon of unity in the realm of creativity,” said Peyton Smith, Community Arts Manager for the City of St. George. “This event aspires to spark dialogues that reach beyond the event itself, leaving an indelible impact on the participants and the wider community.”

Highlights of the St. George Arts Summit include:

  • Keynote speech by renowned artist Annette Everette: An accomplished artist and forward-thinking individual will grace the spotlight to share her personal story, provide deep insights and explain her innovative perspective on utilizing the arts to cultivate unity.
  • Interactive workshops and collaborative classes: Attendees will engage in hands-on workshops and cooperative classes led by experienced mentors in diverse artistic fields. These sessions will promote a collaborative approach, emphasizing responsible budgeting, effective marketing strategies and financial prudence.
  • Excellence in Arts awards: The Summit will recognize and honor individuals who have shown outstanding service and achievement in the St. George arts community. They have made incredible contributions and lasting impacts on the arts over years of hard work and dedication to the field.

“The St. George Arts Summit serves as a testament to the unifying power of creativity, reflecting the belief that artistic expression can transcend barriers and bring disparate voices together in harmony,” Smith added. “It signifies the strength of collaboration and the potential of the arts to serve as a catalyst for unity and change.”

To register for the summit, view the agenda, and read presenter bios, visit

About the Arts Summit

The annual Arts Summit is hosted by the St. George Arts Commission. This one-day conference is a chance for arts leaders to network, share and learn about the industry. Attendees will have a chance to hear from industry professionals on topics pertaining to the administration of arts organizations and the essential nature of the work these art leaders do. The Summit is open to all interested participants and attendance is required for organizations who have received RAP Tax grants from the St. George Arts Commission. Local organizations have the opportunity to market their seasons and provide entertainment during the event.


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