A nasty crash involving at least four vehicles has made a mess of traffic on South Bluff Street in St. George this afternoon.

Traffic has been diverted in both directions at about 400 South on Bluff to about 700 South.

Reportedly the collision was head-on and there are serious injuries.

Witnesses said the collision was a serious one, although investigators are in the early stages of the investigation and have yet to determine exactly what happened and who was at fault.

Officials have asked St. George and other area residents to stay out of the area unless absolutely necessary. One of the vehicles apparently rolled as a result of the accident.

The St. George Police Department is on scene and is working to determine the cause of the crash, although the well-being of the people involved in the collision is the first priority.

One Facebook commenter said, "Main Street is congested also and I would expect Bluff Street to be closed for a couple hours the way it looked when I went by: -- Margie Sepulver.

Another commenter, Julie Nield, said "It’s bad back up everywhere near there."

Yet another commenter said :Every day, it's demolition derby in this town." -- Karre Artl Rossiter.

Traffic accidents all over the state of Utah are on a steep and steady rise and there have were 21 fatalities on Utah roads in 2023 in just the first month. Last year, there were a total of 1,661 accidents with injuries in Utah and 320 accident fatalities.

To read more about some of these accident statistics, got to Utah's Zero Fatalities page by clicking here.



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