Governor Herbert just announced the new Covid-19 levels for each county in Utah.

In Southwest Utah, Washington County has now been moved to High Transmission level which means it remains in the same transmission level as it was during this initial statewide two-week probation period, along with Beaver and Garfield Counties.

Iron County will go to the moderate level and Kane County will go to the Low level.

Requirements in high and moderate counties include: Casual social gatherings reduced to 10 individuals per gathering, masks worn in public settings, such as stores, and restaurants (when not eating or drinking), and restaurants and bars must have six-feet of distance between parties.

This will affect social gatherings already planned. Some businesses have had to cancel meetings or events. 

Both Crimson Cliffs and Desert Hills have football playoff games being held Friday night that will both still happen. Desert Hills will go up against Mt. Crest at 4 p.m. and Crimson Cliffs plays Canyon View at 7 p.m.

Crimson Cliffs athletic director Mike Winslow said his staff will work hard to make sure the rules are adhered to.

"On our end, we're going to make sure everyone has a mask in order to get into the game," he said. "We are also going to be more vigilant in making sure the fans in the stands wear their masks throughout the game.

"There is little to no transmission of Covid among our students. They are not spreading amongst each other and the teams are not spreading it either."

Governor Herbert said in his address to the state, "We don’t dispute that most people won’t die from COVID-19 and know many who get infected won’t have severe symptoms. But we know many people with coronavirus will have long term impacts on their heart and lungs. Already, too many Utahns have succumbed to the virus,"

Herbert says it's important to help stop the spread, so hospitals do not become overrun.

For more information about the transmission levels, visit: coronavirus.utah.gov/utah-health-guidance-levels

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