Our friends at the Washcosafety page on Facebook have passed along a brilliant idea as the school year swings into full gear.

Imagine if your child can't find you, can't get a hold of you, or is just plain panicked because he or she can't figure out where you are. That was always a nightmare scenario for me when I was a young person.

Being left alone is a real fear for our kids.

That's why Washcosafety and the folks at ready.gov are offering free downloads of these contact information sheets.


Click here to print copies for yourself.

From the ready.gov website:

Emergencies can happen at any time. Does your family know how to get in touch with each other if you are not all together? Before an emergency happens, have a family discussion to determine who would be your out-of-state point of contact, and where you would meet away from your home — both in the neighborhood and within your town.

This isn't a paranoid post implying we live in a scary time. Rather, this is a realistic post about the times we live in.

Washcosafety asks these questions:

  • Who in your family will need contact cards? Where will they be kept?
  • Why might it be better to text your family during an emergency?
  • Why is it important to practice your plan?
  • What are good places to identify as meeting spots in your neighborhood?

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