The Hidden Haven Waterfall is not that easy to get to.

It has an easy turnoff/parking area up Parowan Canyon and it's not far from either the town of Parowan or Brian Head.

But a few years back, they had a fire and then flood incident, meaning the formerly easy hike up a clearly marked trail isn't so simple anymore.

The short hike (1.4 miles round trip) is featured on and is not real difficult as far as hiking skill level. But at a certain point, the trail becomes obscured by fallen trees and mud.

From alltrails:

"Try this 1.4-mile out-and-back trail near Brian Head, Utah. Generally considered a moderately challenging route. This is a popular trail for hiking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day. The best times to visit this trail are April through October."

My wife and I hiked this a number of years ago, before the fire and floods and we saw only one other group of hikers the entire time. The trail was clearly marked and was moderately easy.

But we went back a couple of years ago and never even made it to the waterfall. Some of the reviewers from alltrails seemed to have the same problem.

"Trail is basically washed out. Very difficult after 1st bridge. Lots of fallen trees, too. Fun if you like to rock scramble, climb over obstacles & don’t mind getting dirty." -- Nora M.

"Trail was flooded and debris blocked other parts of trail. Was able to shimmy past and get to the amphitheater area but not able to make it to the Waterfall." -- Lani H.

But others pointed out that the trail is not easy, but it certainly can be done:

"The trail is washed out as it forks left but you can absolutely get through with no trouble! The washed out section was only .1 mi or less. Waterfall looks incredible right now." Christian G. (just three days ago)

And ...

"Trail to waterfall is still washed out but doable. Waterfall is beautiful. From there we took another trail that eventually comes out above the waterfall, but it gets a bit treacherous so we turned back and headed up and along the ridge until the trail came to an area with fantastic views." Tim E., also from three days ago

Just 5.9 miles up Parowan Canyon, the turn-off is on the north side of the road. There was plenty of parking and the waterfall itself, though smallish was worth the hike.

Truly a hidden gem.

Hidden Haven Waterfalls

Hidden Haven Waterfalls


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