By Bryan Hyde

COMMENTARY -- There’s no crisis that can’t be made worse by someone making a mad grab for control and playing upon the public’s fears.


Sometimes we need to be reminded that the proper flow of legitimate political power does not change because someone in authority invokes the word “emergency.”

The powers delegated, or temporarily lent, to the government are for the express purpose of protecting our individual natural rights. This is what ensures that government acts as a servant of the people, rather than their master.

It is the premise upon which our system of governance is built.

Legitimate government requires the explicit consent of its citizens -- not just force. 

Ammon Bundy explains it like this:

“There is no human being who has a higher claim of authority over your life than you. And no group of human beings can legitimately abrogate your authority without your consent, regardless of the size of the majority.”


This means that responsible authorities should seek to convince rather than command when it comes to providing direction or guidance to their citizens. All of us can make good decisions for ourselves, even when we’re not being forced.

David Montgomery says:

“Human decency springs from following our conscience, not the law. Millions blindly follow orders. The bravest heroes in this world are law-breakers.”

Politicians’ rules, being detached from morality, are only concerned with legal or illegal.

Mindless obedience to arbitrary dictates from someone in authority does not make you a decent human being.

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