By Bryan Hyde

One way to have far-reaching impact on the world is to find your unique voice.


We sometimes view examples of those who’ve found their voice as exceptions to the rule. In reality, each of us has a unique voice of our own that can change the world around us. 

It starts with truly believing that seeds of genius are present within each of us regardless of our station in life.

Too many people choose to focus on their deficiencies and what their critics are saying as an excuse for not seeking to find and use their voice. They just haven’t yet caught a glimpse of their true greatness.

Helen Keller certainly must have felt that way as a blind and deaf individual. 

Group of American activists is protesting

Yet she became a powerful voice in her own simplicity when she said, “I long to do great and noble things but it is my destiny to do small things in a great and noble way.”

Small things done in great and noble ways change the world that is undeniably real to those whose lives they touch.

Our voice might take a vocal form or it could be expressed in writing, in art, in music or even in our actions.

Like making small but regular deposits in a savings account, the little things we do to find and utilize our unique voice will build into something of great value over time.

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