By Bryan Hyde

How does a freethinking person discern between what’s worth knowing and what isn’t?


In spiritual matters, finding truth involves quieting the mind, humbling the heart, and learning to silence the chatter of our inner dialogue. 

This is why prayer and meditation are often used when a person is seeking to find the inner peace that tells them they’re on the right path.

But when it comes to having a solid grasp on the world around us, we have to sort through a blizzard of ideas and emotions that are competing for our allegiance. 

For too many people, the path of least resistance is to simply follow the herd.

Groupthink becomes a simple way to gain acceptance in society.

This means that a lot of good people end up surrendering their individuality of thought and conscience, rather than be marginalized. 

Being a freethinker requires a willingness to separate oneself from the crowd.

Joseph Sobran put it this way: “When you feel at home in a world that has gone wrong, you’ve gone wrong, too.”


The goal he describes here isn’t to become an anti-social hermit; it’s to learn how to maintain our own mental and spiritual space as a sanctuary against official lies and propaganda.

Individuals who endure the effort to learn and apply the wisdom gleaned throughout human history will soon develop their own perspective and sense of direction. 

They’ll also learn how to break free of the groupthink that characterizes our time.

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