By Bryan Hyde

Ever notice how some of the unhappiest people in life are those who see everyone else as a potential opponent?


Whether it’s in the workplace, in traffic, or even among family, some folks are determined to treat life as if it were some kind of winner-takes-all game.

But that’s not what life’s challenges are about. We’re not pitted against one another when it comes to finding purpose, happiness, or success in life. 

If anything, the greatest opponent we’ll ever face is found in ourselves. 

It really doesn’t matter how many other people we think we’ve vanquished when we’re the ones standing in the way of our own happiness.

Taking down our greatest opponent starts with the realization that purpose is the single greatest motivator of a well-lived life.

harmony of body and soul

A person that believes that there is real purpose to his or her life will apply their time and efforts much differently than the individual who is resigned to simply being carried by the current. That person’s life will be filled with service rather than self-aggrandizing conquest. 

But how do we become such a person?

Each of us comes into this world fully equipped to do great things.

We have to be willing to find our personal purpose, consciously align our lives to that purpose, and then stick to our efforts to bring it about.

Overcoming our biggest opponent forever changes how we see ourselves. It also changes how we see others.

* Hyde In Plain Sight is written by KDXU personality Bryan Hyde. Catch his daily HIPS vignette at 7:50-ish every weekday morning on KDXU and listen to The Bryan Hyde Show weekends at 7 p.m. Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday nights.

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