By Bryan Hyde

COMMENTARY -- Would you rather be known for what you stand for or known by what you’re against?


Being against something or someone is almost always the path of least resistance. It is depressingly easy to define ourselves by enemy-driven thinking.

But standing for something requires real thought and effort.

This means that we must give serious contemplation to what we are willing to die for as well what we’re willing to live for. Decisions of this type are too important to leave to others.

If we allow others to steer our thinking, our efforts and our lives will be spent benefiting their agendas at the expense of our own happiness. 

Standing for what matters most to us means learning to say “no” when others insist that we carry water for their pet cause or think as they do.


This is not as easy as it sounds when someone is using intimidation, ridicule, or shame to try to bend us to his or her will.

This requires being able to articulate what we stand for and why it matters. This means that we must take responsibility for what we know and resist the temptation to live on borrowed light.

Being against something requires little effort and minimal understanding.

A person who knows what he or she stands for will be hard to lead astray. They won’t tell others what to live or die for or allow such things to be dictated to them.

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