By Bryan Hyde

COMMENTARY -- If you’re beginning to burn out on the negativity and divisiveness that is dominating public discourse these days, there’s a simple solution.


Stop buying into the idea that politics is the prime motivator of all that is taking place around us. 

Instead, focus your time, efforts and energy on the people around you and offer encouragement to those you find struggling.

TED speaker Josh Shipp spoke of how he was a troubled at-risk kid who somehow managed to get himself kicked out of every foster home into which he was placed.

Eventually this self-destructive streak came to an end when he encountered a foster dad who saw him as a prize to be won rather than a foe to be conquered.

The theme of Shipp’s message is that every kid is just one caring adult away from being a success story. The most important thing we have to offer others is our time.

Woman reading to young girl
Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

Simple, seemingly insignificant acts of encouragement can have long-lasting positive impact on young and old alike.

Small acts that lift and build aren’t likely to become front page stories in a media environment that thrives on sensationalism and conflict.

They don’t require publicity to qualify as worthy efforts.

The fact is that they measurably change the world for the better in the lives of all those to whom they are directed.

Look for someone close to you to champion and see if it doesn’t bring a sense of purpose and contentment that politics never will.

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