By Bryan Hyde

COMMENTARY -- Having a clearly defined set of principles can be simultaneously a blessing and a curse.


On the one hand, knowing who we are and what we stand for can help us stand firm when the herd is being stampeded in a dangerous direction.

On the other hand, the pressure to conform can be constant, intense and, at times, very personal.

Most of us have a deep desire to be loved and appreciated. But sometimes, the approval and acceptance of others has to take a backseat to our desire to be true to our principles. 

Bucking the trend of popular opinion can make life extremely uncomfortable.

Truth isn’t dependent upon consensus or approval in order to be true. In every age and in every conflict, there are times when it is necessary for people to stand for it — no matter how unpopular. 


As Joseph Sobran used to say, “in every controversy, most people care much less for what the truth is than for which side it’s safer and more respectable to take.”

Anyone who chooses to stand for truth will find that there is a price to be paid. One reason that many people are reluctant to take a stand is that they’re unsure what their foundational principles are.

The world needs more individuals that are willing to examine their own hearts and determine where they stand. And it needs them to stand strong no matter what the crowd may say or do.

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