By Bryan Hyde

COMMENTARY -- I have a friend who is a highly talented, successful individual. 


His work hours and workload have steadily increased to the point that he is required to spend more time away from his young family. 

Recently he informed his boss of his concerns that his work was taking him away from his kids.

He was told that, despite his concerns, the longer hours were now a part of his job. When his boss asked him if it was time to talk about parting ways with the company, my friend responded that he was ready to have that conversation. 

Not surprisingly, his boss backed down.

My friend’s courage of conviction is a rare thing today.

It’s easy to confuse what we do with who we are and to measure our success in monetary ways that exclude the most valuable things we’ll ever know.

It’s amazing how many people choose to measure success in their lives through things rather than people.

Family Watches While Father and Son Play Chess

I’m not encouraging anyone to swear off material things and live a pauper’s existence. I am suggesting that when all is said and done, the emphasis we put on our possessions seems a bit misplaced considering how temporary they are.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling admiration for those who are able to build wealth and who choose to use it to bless the lives of the people around them.

It’s also possible that those who measure success by the amount of time they spend with loved ones are onto something.

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