I've always liked farmers markets. There is just something about home grown and homemade goodness. Festival City Farmers Market does not disappoint. They run Saturdays from 9am-1pm @ 100 West Center, Cedar City, UT


I went just last Saturday and spent way too much money. I wanted everything. The packaging was on point, the samples were delicious, and the knowledge about the vendors' own craft was abundant.


It was a gorgeous day with plenty to sample and look at. If you have never been to the Festival City Farmers Market, now is the time. You've been missing out on homemade soaps that smell devine and sweet breads that you should only purchase once a week and share with several people because you might gain too many pounds eating all of them by yourself. SO good.  Here is a run down of some of the booths you might see this weekend.

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Live music! There was always someone singing or playing an instrument. It really added to the ambience. Just a side note, make sure you smile, clap for or cheer on someone who has the guts to perform live for you to enjoy. ♥ It really is hard to perform when everyone seems to be ignoring you.


Just plan to have your breakfast or lunch at the market. There is a ton of food to choose from, all packaged up and ready to be served.


Ask the vendors questions if you have them. The knowledge that they can give you may change your mind about what you want to buy. Plus, they love chatting and explaining why they love to do what they do.


Homemade breads/artesian breads are SO MUCH BETTER than what you usually find at the store. Delicious and a lot of time more nutritious. Although that means you need to enjoy them faster.


Be careful! Dessert breads can getcha. This tasted like a soft blueberry, cream cheese pastry. OH MY GOODNESS.


Soaps, oils, body bars and shampoos. They all looked good enough to be in a welcome basket at a bed and breakfast. I bought some for presents and they all smelled amazing.

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I never knew that I might like pickled hot asparagus and candied carrots, but I sure left the farmers market with a bottle of each. Ask for samples!


There were so many booths that I couldn't keep track of all the pictures I had. There was jewelry, knife sharpening, caramel popcorn, art, food, plants, gourmet sauces and so much more.


Clearly I spent too much money, and I couldn't even wait to try the bread before I remembered to take a picture. It was all amazing. We ate most of it pretty quickly but I just finished my spicy cilantro dressing and my red raspberry/dark chocolate caramel corn today while I wrote this.

So don't even hesitate with your decision of whether to go to the Festival City Farmers Market. It was worth every second and I wish I could have purchased from more businesses. There were plenty I need to go back and try! Next up, I will be trying the Cedar City Farmers Market. I'll let you know what to look for when you go!

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