Things to Know Before You Buy a Side by Side 

UTV’s, otherwise known as side-by-sides, are popular in Southern Utah. Every weekend these machines roll into the desert. You may be wondering if you are missing out on all the fun.

Here’s some things to know from Deranged Off-Road before you go slap some money down and head out to the dunes.

1. Everything costs more.


Any weekend hobby is going to be expensive. Every little thing will cost you. Everything from special oil that is twice what you pay for your car to the lights and accessories, none of it is cheap. Expect to shell out money for parts and maintenance. 

2. Maintain your vehicle.

You should be checking over your side by side every time you use it. It is important to keep it clean and you want to do preventative maintenance so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of the desert. 

3. You need insurance on your machine.

These off-road vehicles are on all sorts of terrain, and it is really easy to roll it or smash it up. Pay the monthly premium so that you don’t end up with a bunch of repair costs. There is nothing worse than paying for something you don’t have anymore.  

These are some things to think about when getting a side-by-side. Think about where you are going to use it and whether what you are buying will work. You may also find that you have a four-seater, and nobody wants to ride in the back. 

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Thinking these things through can save you a lot of pain and money when deciding to join the side-by-side world in Southern Utah. They can be a whole lot of fun and well worth the money, that is, if you do your home work first. 

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